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Purchased and unpurchased graves

Purchased grave

When buying a grave, you are not purchasing any land, and no ownership of land is transferred to you. You are purchasing the Exclusive Rights of Burial for a grave for an agreed lease term. These will be assigned to you by a Deed of Grant which is a legal document.

The Deed of Grant gives you the right to:

  • be buried in a designated grave or cremation plot where space is allows (includes cremated remains)
  • authorise further burials in the grave where space allows, or for the interment of cremated remains
  • apply for a permit to place an inscribed memorial on the grave or give permission for an additional inscription to be added.

By law, a purchased grave may only be opened for the burial of the Deed owner or for the burial of another person with the written permission of the Deed holder. The Deed must be transferred by legal process should somebody else wish to arrange a further burial in the grave. For more information on transferring ownership of a grave or cremation plot, please visit our Transferring grave ownership page.

Last updated Tuesday, 25th July 2023

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