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Cemeteries and crematorium

Cemetery fees and charges

For those wishing to have someone laid to rest in one of our cemeteries, there are two main fees that need to be taken into consideration; first is the fee for the purchase of a grave space and the second for the burial itself.

Please note: for non-residents of the borough, the aforementioned fees will need to be multiplied by 3.

Purchase of a grave (exclusive right of burial for 50 years)

  • For persons under 18 years  - £337.00
  • For persons 18 years & over - £742.00
  • For cremated remains - £378.00

Interment (burial) fees

  • Persons under 18 - £570.00
  • Grave depth for one person - £570.00
  • Grave depth for two persons - £570.00
  • Grave depth for three persons - £757.00
  • Burial of cremated remains - £173.00
  • Scattering of ashes from Heart of England Crematorium, Nuneaton - £49.00
  • Scattering of ashes from crematoriums other than Heart of England, Nuneaton - £121.00
  • Usher service - £49.00

Memorial fees

Miscellaneous charges


Please note: fees are charged after the submission of the required forms and on completion of booking.

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Last updated Wednesday, 1st April 2020

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