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Community safety grant

Guidance to completing the community safety grant application

Read the guidance notes carefully. They will help you decide whether you can apply, and provide you with information on how to complete the application.

  • maximum grant bid per project: £5,000


The purpose of the community safety grant scheme is to support organisations to deliver local initiatives or projects to benefit those living, working and visiting the borough.  These initiatives or projects must contribute towards the priorities from the Nuneaton and Bedworth Community Safety Partnership (NABSCOP).

Nuneaton and Bedworth Community Safety Team is inviting organisations to bid for funding that supports one or more of the focus areas as detailed in reducing:

  • serious violence including violence against women and girls
  • domestic abuse and violence
  • anti-social behaviour
  • hate crime

Who can apply?

Applications will be welcomed from both established and new community, voluntary, third sector and statutory organisations that deliver projects or services at a local level within Nuneaton and Bedworth.

Nuneaton and Bedworth Community Safety team invites applications for any project that aims to address one or more of the Community Safety Summit priorities. All applications should be for one-off funding for a specific project.

You are welcome to discuss your project idea with the Communities Team or to ask for advice and information before you complete your application form.

Who cannot apply?

  • statutory or national organisations or individuals who are not working in partnership with local ‘not for profit’ groups and/or in relation to the specific project that funds are being requested for
  • party political groups

What will not be funded?

  • profit-making projects
  • projects that promote religious or party-political beliefs
  • activities that are part of statutory obligations or replace statutory funding including curriculum activities in schools
  • projects which do not follow the Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council’s equality and diversity policies and the national legislation on data protection, health and safety, discrimination and child protection
  • existing projects where there has been no evidence of impact or success
  • retrospective projects, i.e. that those have already taken place

What supporting documents do you need to submit with your application?

  • copy of your constitution or set of rules
  • financial report or last audited accounts and latest bank statement
  • copies of any relevant insurance documentation
  • copies of your Child Protection/ Vulnerable Persons/Safeguarding policies 
  • declaration of no conflicts of interest
  • declaration that you have a UK bank/building society account in the name of the organisation applying for any responsible for managing the funds


All successful projects will be required to enter into a Service Level Agreement and complete regular, reporting requirements on their project, including promotion and publicity, proof of project delivery, reporting around achieved outputs and outcomes and receipts for all money spent.

Contact information

You can also get further support in completing your application, and with the supporting documents required, from:

  • Warwickshire Community and Voluntary Action, Newtown Centre, Nuneaton, CV11 4HG
  • 024 7638 5765

The panel will check applications to ensure they meet the eligibility criteria. In undertaking the assessment, we may request further information from applicants.

Last updated Monday, 18th September 2023

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