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Taxi (hackney carriage) and private hire licensing

Travelling home safely in a taxi

Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council is urging party goers to make sure they get home safely and economically when using taxis and private hire vehicles this Christmas or at any other time.

Follow the safety advice below to make sure your journeys are safe and secure.

General safety advice

  • Book it in advance with any company or trusted taxi driver
  • Ensure you leave a trail that can be retraced easily by having a record of your call and journey information
  • Travel home with friends where possible
  • Keep fare money separate so you don't spend it
  • Have your mobile with you to find out if the taxi/private hire vehicle is safe

You need to check

  • Licence plate on the rear of the vehicle – make a note or take a photo, it is the unique reference to that vehicle
  • Ask that the driver shows you their badge, and that the photo is a true likeness so that you know they are who they say they are – make a note of the badge number or take a photo
  • All taxi journeys should be undertaken with the meter on (see above), this is in your clear view
  • If the meter is not on ask the driver to put it on – make a note or take a photo
  • The maximum fee is shown on the meter and you should not pay more than that, and this fare is for one or more people
  • Always ask for a receipt especially if you think it is an excessive fare- make a note or take a photo
  • Drivers should not ask you for money up front, if they do make a note or take a photo and go to the next taxi on the rank, if a taxi marshal is present tell them
  • If the driver on a taxi rank refuses to take you, especially if it is a short journey - make a note or take a photo, if a taxi marshal is present tell them
  • If you have any concerns regarding refusal to take you, or any other reason make a note or take a photo

When making a note or taking a photo - we need the following

  • plate number which is on the rear of the vehicle and inside on the windscreen
  • drivers badge number, name or the vehicle registration number

Last updated Tuesday, 7th March 2023

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