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The Borough Council has an efficient and professional pest control team ready to assist with the eradication of any infestations of rats.  Rats are classed as a public health risk as they carry life threatening diseases and can also cause structural damage in areas they infest.  When they gain access to food businesses they will contaminate food stocks.  

Domestic properties - £31 for a maximum of 3 visits or free for those on specified benefits.  Refunds are only available for cancellations received at least 1 working day prior to the treatment date.  If cancellations are received after this time the full amount will be retained by the council.
Business properties - hourly rate charged (We can offer quotes for commercial work only at times when capacity allows).

Brownish-grey in colour
Small ears
Life span 6 - 18 months
Can have up to 7 litters
They can have between 6 - 15 per litter. 
Size including tail 25cm - 45cm
Rats have very poor eyesight but excellent hearing & sense of smell

The most common species is the brown rat, also known as the 'common rat' or the 'sewer rat'.

Signs to look for
Smear marks
Smell from urine
Damage to food
Damage/chewed cables

There are many precautions you can take to reduce the chances of getting a rat infestation;
Avoid accumulations of rubbish which could attract, and act as harbourage for rats.
Ensure where pipe work goes through walls that it is well sealed in around the edges, any gaps could allow rats to gain access to the property. 
When feeding the birds ensure all food intended for the birds is either on a bird table, bird feeders or off the ground so rats can't get access to it. 
Food businesses should ensure that waste food gets disposed of in sealed containers. 
Ensure that doors fit snugly within their frames, avoiding any gaps at the bottom. 
Compost heaps are highly attractive to rats as they are a source of both food and harbourage. 

If you suspect that you have or know where there is an active rat infestation the Borough Council is on hand to offer assistance or advice on the eradication of rats.

Please note owners/occupiers of property/land have a legal responsibility to control pests on their premises. 

Last updated Monday, 3rd April 2017

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