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My dog is at the council kennels 

Stray dogs are picked up and taken to our kennels. There is a statutory fine of £25 plus fees of £55 (total £80) for the first day's kennelling, and a daily kennelling fee thereafter, that are required to be paid before a dog is released.

If a stray dog is impounded, the above fees apply (including any veterinary expenses incurred) and must be paid in full to the Council before the dog will be released, these are to be paid at the kennels.  The fee varies depending on how long the dog has been at the kennels.  The dog will not be released and reunited with its owner until the fees have been paid in full.  There is no provision for payment by instalment.

My dog is not at the council kennels

If your dog is not at our kennels then you can try contacting Dogs Trust.  Our local centre is the Kenilworth Centre, based in Honiley, on 01926 484398.  You may also wish to try the veterinary practices in your area.

Last updated Monday, 16th May 2022

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