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Abandoned vehicle

Report an abandoned vehicle

Report abandoned vehicle

Alternatively call the Warwickshire Hotline on 0800 16 999 00.  

For vehicles causing an obstruction to the highway or suspected of being stolen contact the Police on 024 7664 1111.

The Council is not responsible for dealing with untaxed vehicles.  These should be reported to the DVLA or you can write to DVLA if you cannot report it online:

Enforcement Section, W070/D12 
Longview Road 
SA7 0XZ 

The information you will need to include is: vehicle registration number, make, model, colour, detailed location and time the vehicle can be seen on the road.

Vehicles abandoned on any land in the open air can be investigated and if appropriate may be removed.  

The permission of the landowner is required before abandoned vehicles can be removed from private land.  

We will investigate vehicles reported as abandoned on local roads or property (usually including private property). 

Ways to spot an abandoned car

  1. vandalised and/or fire damaged
  2. unused and in poor condition
  3. been in a road traffic accident
  4. parked or abandoned in an isolated or unusual location
  5. vehicle parts been removed or damaged (e.g. broken windows, flat tyres)
  6. vehicle unsecure (doors/boot unlocked or windows open)
  7. vehicle contains rubbish

Last updated Tuesday, 7th August 2018

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