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Blue Badge

Blue badge car park season ticket

Blue badge parking season tickets are available for regular visitors to the town or those who prefer to pay for parking in advance and allows parking in all public council car parks in the borough of Nuneaton and Bedworth with the exception of Riverside car park in Nuneaton.

  • 6 months  £110
  • 12 months  £200

Apply for a blue badge parking season ticket

  • All season tickets start from the first of each month
  • Two vehicle registrations are allowed on one season ticket
  • The season ticket does not guarantee that a parking space will be available
  • The safe keeping of the season ticket is the responsibility of the season ticket holder
  • The Council will charge a £25 administration fee to replace a lost season ticket
  • Refunds will be available after deducting the equivalent monthly charge in respect of the number of months used
  • In the case of renewals, the ticket will commence from the expiry of the existing season ticket
  • Full details of conditions under which the parking spaces may be used are contained in the current Nuneaton and Bedworth Off-Street Parking Places Order

Multi storey car parks - Rope Walk and Harefield Road

While parked, a valid Blue Badge and season ticket should be displayed in the vehicle so that it can be clearly viewed by a Civil Enforcement Officer. At the exit barrier the season ticket and the Blue Badge should be presented to the Civil Enforcement Officer. The Blue Badge holder must be present in the vehicle.

Surface car parks

While parked, the season ticket should be displayed on the nearside of the windscreen in the holder provided together with a valid Blue Badge and so that both can be clearly viewed by a Civil Enforcement Officer.

Last updated Tuesday, 7th August 2018

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