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Pavement licence

Apply for a pavement licence

A pavement licence is a licence granted by the council which allows the licence holder to place removable furniture over certain highways next to the premises that have this licence.

Generally, these are footpaths restricted to pedestrians or are roads and places to which vehicle access is restricted or prohibited.

How to apply                            

View the pavement licence guidance notes.

How much does it cost

The application fee in Nuneaton and Bedworth for a Pavement Licence is £100.

Application process

Display the site notice on the day you submit your application, and for a further five working days for public consultation process.

The council have ten working days from the day after the application is made (excluding public holidays) to consult on, and determine the application.

This consists of five working days for public consultation, and then five working days to consider and determine the application after the consultation.

  • You will need to include in your application photos of the site notice to show it has been properly displayed

Last updated Wednesday, 2nd August 2023

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