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Procurement regulations

Local rules

Officers of the council who are required to administer contracts are bound by the Contract Procedure Rules (CPR).  The CPRs are reviewed regularly to ensure that officers of the council conduct procurement processes in a transparent and accountable manner.  The rules cover all aspects of the process from prescribing the minimum number of quotes to be sought to how tenders are opened and stored.  The purpose being to ensure the highest levels of probity and best value are achieved.

The fundamentals of the contract procedure rules are contracts with a:

  • lifetime value of under £7,500 - one written quote will be required as a minimum
  • value between £7,500 and £25,000 - three written quotes should be sought
  • value between £25,000 and £125,000 - three sealed quotes should be obtained
  • value in excess of £125,000 but below EU Thresholds - a formal tendering process should be followed

For tenders and sealed bids, a formal opening procedure is required to safeguard against any impropriety, as a result no late tenders or quotes will be accepted.

Last updated Friday, 16th March 2018

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