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Procurement and tendering

Contractual compliance

The Council confirms to the Public Contract Regulations 2015 and Concession Contract Regulations 2016. For Procurements below the EU thresholds, the Council conforms to its internal Contract Procedure Rules which outline and provide a governance framework for internal process (for both below threshold procurements and above threshold procurements) and the procurement process framework for below threshold Procurements.

Unless we are purchasing from a framework agreement:

  • For purchases below £7,500: we may obtain a quote to ascertain and demonstrate the overriding principle of value for money
  • For any purchases above £7,500 but below £25,000: we are required to obtain three written quotes from potential suppliers
  • For any purchases above £25,000: we follow a full tendering procedure

Last updated Friday, 19th May 2023

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