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What happens at the meeting

What happens at the meeting?

Copies of the list of valid questions/statements will be made available to all those present at the meeting. Plan to arrive in good time for the start of the meeting and sit on the front row of the public gallery if possible.  The Public Gallery is to the rear of the Council Chamber. Please note that the meeting will be video recorded for publication on the Council's website.  When the time comes for the Mayor, as Chair of the meeting, to invite you to present your question/statement you will be passed a handheld microphone.  When reading the question/statement you must not deviate from the text of your agreed submission. If you go over your allotted three minutes an alarm will sound and you should finish speaking, unless the Mayor gives permission for you to continue.

Your question will be directed to the relevant Cabinet Member or Committee Chair to give a reply. The reply will not exceed three minutes.  Unless the Mayor decides otherwise, no discussion will take place on any question, but any Member may move that a matter raised by a question be referred to the Cabinet or the appropriate Committee. Once seconded, such a motion will be voted on without discussion. At the expiry of the 20 minute period, or after the reply to the final question or statement, whichever shall first occur, the Council will proceed to the next business. Any question or statement which cannot be dealt with during Public Participation because of lack of time will be dealt with in writing.

Last updated Friday, 11th October 2019

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