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Working at elections

Working at the election - FAQs

Creating your staff MEA account

The portal is saying I have an invalid postcode

  • You should email us, confirming what your current postcode is – our information might be out of date

I’ve tried to create an account but I’m getting an error message

  • Make sure you’re using your email address as your username and postcode to sign up. If you’re having any issues, send us an email with a screenshot of the error and a description of what you’re trying to do

I can’t get into the portal, can I just email you want role I want to do?

  • No – all staff will need to use the portal to let us know their availability and accept any job offers.  Contact us if you have issues logging in to your account

I’ve forgotten my username/password

  • You will need to use the "re-set username" function and follow the instructions on the portal.

I’ve changed my email address.

  • If possible we encourage you to keep your email address the same. If this isn’t possible you should email us and we’ll re-create your account

Letting us know what work you want to do

How do you choose who works where?

  • Once staff have told us they're available, we'll allocate on a first-come, first-served basis. If staff have expressed a preference for a particular role, or to work with certain colleagues, we will try to take that into account. For some particular roles allocations will be made based on previous experience and performance.  (However, the needs of the overall election will take precedence and we will allocate staff as we need to to run the election.)

I want to work at the election count, what do I put down?

  • For 5 May 2022 election, the count will be held on Thursday evening after the close of poll at 10pm.  A count assistant will be required to be at the count venue from 9.30pm until the results have been declared.

I’ve not worked at elections before, what do I tick?

  • Read your availability letter, it explains what roles are available and has links to the website for more info. Then tick the roles you’re interested in doing and add any notes

I only want to work in a certain location or with a certain person

  • This will limit where/if we’re able to allocate you, however if you want to work in a particular area or with certain colleagues you should write this in the notes field when asked for your availability. We cannot guarantee any person’s preferences

After you've accepted a role

I haven’t been offered the role I wanted – can I swap or change?

  • No – if the role offered isn’t suitable for you, you should decline the job and write in the notes any messages about why you’re declining

I’m working at a polling station but haven’t had contact from the other staff there?

  • The phone numbers for the other staff are in the letter we sent you on the portal. You should call the Poll Clerks/Presiding Officer to find out more about the venue, parking etc.  If after several phone calls/email attempts you haven’t had an answer, you should email us

Important staff safety information

The elections team are working to put measures in place ensure the safety of all staff and voters in the elections being held in May 2022.

Risk assessments are being conducted for every step of the process and we are working with health and safety and HR to ensure measures are proportionate and appropriate. The website shall be updated on an ongoing basis right up to the election as new information arises to keep you as informed as possible.

Last updated Friday, 4th March 2022

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