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Annual Canvass 2020

Nuneaton and Bedworth Annual Canvass 2020

Keeping the register up to date

Each year the Electoral Registration Officer (ERO) has a legal requirement to conduct an annual canvass to ensure the electoral register is accurate and complete. The 2020 annual canvass has been reformed by the Cabinet Office. The 2020 canvass will run from mid-August this year and EROs are required by law to run the annual canvass.

The annual canvass has not been suspended as a result of COVID-19.We are working to ensure that we take account of public health guidelines, including the continued importance of social distancing.

Your household may be contacted in different ways, such as by:

  • post
  • email
  • phone

If you need to update your details on the electoral register, it’s important that you respond as soon as you can. This means reminders don’t have to be sent, and someone does not need to visit you to get this information.

How will I receive the request? 

Every households will receive a canvass communication (letter/email) which will outline what action is required by you. The new process is simple, clearer and faster for responding online.

If we do not hold an email address for the household, or if we’re not sure the information we have about your household is correct you will receive the request through the post.

Which address will the email come from?

Nuneaton and Bedworth Elections email address:

Is the email I have received genuine?

The email will have been sent from Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council email address:

The email will request you to log onto a secure portal and confirm who is living at the property so you will only be asked to confirm the details given or add someone if they are not listed.

How do I use the online system? 

  • Go to 
  • Enter your postcode and the unique security code from your email or printed on your letter 
  • Check that the information for your property is correct 
  • Confirm your details, or make any changes, and press 'Confirm'. 

Where will I find my security code? 

Your unique security code can be found in our email to you or it will be printed on the letter sent through the post. 

Do I list everyone who lives at the property? 

You need to include the name and nationality of everyone aged 16 or over who is resident and eligible to register to vote. If there are no eligible residents, you should state why this is the case. 

How do I know who is eligible to vote? 

Find out who is eligible to vote. 

My son/daughter is living away at university, should I register them here or at home? 

Your son/daughter can register at their home address as well as their university address, but must not vote more than once in the same election. This means they can vote in local elections at both addresses as long as they are in different local government areas, but cannot vote at both addresses in a Parliamentary election.

Impact of COVID-19 on the Annual Canvass 2020

When you are contacted, if you need to make a change to your registration information, please respond as soon as possible. It will mean that there will be no need for additional contact, which is particularly important at the present time.

Further information can be found at:

Electoral Commission 
Or Email us at:



Last updated Friday, 21st August 2020

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