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Annual canvass - household enquiry form

Annual Canvass 2019

What is the annual canvass?

Each year, by law, we conduct an annual canvass of the borough in order to update the electoral register by sending Household enquiry forms (HEF).

The annual canvass  means we must contact every property to find out if there are any changes to the household so we can remove the details of people who no longer live there  and invite new occupants to register individually. 

 Household enquiry form (HEF)

Household Enquiry Forms are being sent out to every property during August.  Please make sure that you respond to it as soon as you can, even if there are no changes to be made to the pre-printed details.

 It is a legal requirement to respond and you can be fined up to £1000 for not doing so. This will also help us save money as if you do not respond we are required to send you a reminder form and undertake personal visits to obtain the information.

Most HEFs will list the details of who we think lives at your property. Properties, where no one is registered to vote, will receive a blank HEF.

All eligible residents that can be included on the HEF are:

  • People who are aged 16 years or over (although they will not be able to vote until they are 18) 
  • British, Irish or EU citizens, or 
  • A Commonwealth citizen who has leave to remain in the UK or who does not require leave to remain in the UK

Please note that the Household Enquiry Form is not a registration form. If you have added someone’s name on the form they will need to register individually online at

Registering to vote means you have a right to vote in elections and can also improve your credit rating.

How do I complete the Household enquiry form?

To respond you need to make a note of your security code printed on the front of the form and choose one of the options below.


Complete the Household enquiry form

You will need to hand the 2 part security code (see 1st page of the form)


Call 0800 197 9871 to make an automated response. You will be asked to key in the 10 digit Security Code printed on the first page of your HEF form. If you have no changes to make, you will be asked to press the 0 (zero) button to confirm all the details on the form are correct


Using the HEF we posted out to you.  You need to sign the form on page three before you return it to us using the pre-paid envelope supplied. Further details of where to return it to are on the form.

How do I update other Changes?

You may find that you will need to update other details to your record such as:

  • Change of name
  • Opt out
  • Postal
  • Over 76
  • Empty property/second home

You can change this by contacting the elections office:

  • Email –
  • Telephone -  02476376552


Last updated Tuesday, 13th August 2019

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