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The Council appoints the Leader of the Council and the Leader then appoints a Cabinet (including a Deputy Leader). The Cabinet consists of six places and each individual Cabinet member (known as a Portfolio Holder) is designated specific areas of responsibility. The Cabinet makes decisions collectively, but individual Portfolio Holders also have decision-making powers.

The Cabinet members are:

  • Cllr Kristofer Wilson (Whitestone) – Business and Regeneration
  • Cllr Samuel Croft (Galley Common) – Finance and Corporate
  • Cllr Sue Markham (Poplar) – Public Services
  • Cllr Clare Golby (Arbury) - Housing and Communities
  • Cllr Julian Gutteridge (Whitestone) – Health and Environment
  • Cllr Richard Smith (Bulkington) – Planning and Regulation

Last updated Friday, 3rd December 2021

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