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Overview and Scrutiny

Summary of Overview and Scrutiny

The overview and scrutiny function helps to ensure that the Council delivers its objectives in an open and transparent way, allowing Councillors to shape, question, evaluate and challenge its policies, decisions and performance.  

There are two Overview and Scrutiny Panels who support the work of the Cabinet and the Council as a whole:-

  • Internal OSP
  • External OSP

You are able to view the Overview & Scrutiny Panel's agendas and minutes and membership for each Panel.  

Each Panel scrutinises, monitors and reviews:

  1. The performance of the Council within the scope of the portfolios and strategic themes for which it is responsible
  2. policy review within their area of responsibility
  3. the Corporate Plan
  4. the Forward Plan
  5. issues Members wish to raise
  6. the development of the Council’s annual budget and reviews, and scrutinises the Council’s performance in relation to budgetary management
  7. the Local Authority’s performance against the “Ten System” Performance Indicators
  8. considers the Council’s Strategic Risk Register, and ensures that it adequately addresses the risks and priorities of the Council
  9. the use of the “well-being powers” contained in Section 2(4) in relation to promotion of “well-being” under Section 2(1) LGA 2000

More information about the work of Overview and Scrutiny Panels can be found in the Overview and Scrutiny Guide

Last updated Wednesday, 25th November 2020

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