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Grounds maintenance


The council owns and maintains trees in parks and on public open spaces.  

Our handy tree guide includes a list of reasons why we may need to prune or fell our trees.

  • When necessary our tree officer will assess trees and determine if any urgent work is needed

If considered to be non-urgent, but some action may be needed in the near future, the works may be added for possible inclusion in the winter works programme.

For more in depth information on how we manage trees, view our formal tree policy.

Report a grounds maintenance problem

Dangerous trees

A dangerous tree is defined as a tree, or part of a tree likely to cause considerable damage or injury, that is in imminent danger of collapse (within 12 to 24 hours) or a tree that is causing an obstruction requiring urgent attention.

Examples of what may be classed as a danger:

  • tree has snapped or blown over
  • tree is uprooted but held up by another tree or building
  • a large branch has broken off or is hanging off of the tree
  • tree or branch is blocking the road or footpath
  • tree may imminently or has already fallen on a house or car

Report a tree on public land which you feel may be dangerous, call Customer Services on 024 7637 6376.

Overhanging trees

If one of our trees is overhanging onto a garden or driveway, we are unfortunately unable to prune or fell it.

  • You do have a Common Law Right to arrange works to cut back the overhang up to your boundary
  • We strongly advise to look at our tree policy for further advice before organising works, as there are legal and safety implications to consider

Trees on the highway

Warwickshire County Council are responsible for trees at the roadside and on highway verges.

Trees on private land

Trees on private land are the responsibility of the land owner. If there is a dispute, the council are unable to become involved as it is classed as a civil matter.

Trees in a council house garden

As stated in their tenancy agreement, council tenants are responsible for any trees within their garden. Contact the relevant housing officer to report any issues.

Tree Preservation Orders (TPO)

View information relating to existing Tree Preservation Orders or for or to make a new application.

Last updated Monday, 13th November 2023

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