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Protecting our environment

The wildlife that we live alongside is important because it works together to provide us with essential natural resources such as fuel, building materials, food and clean water as well as regulating air quality, pollution, pests and helps climate control.  A healthy balanced environment also lends its self to reduced stress levels and reduced disease.

We are committed to protecting and enhancing the wildlife for today's residents and future generations.

What we do

We have committed to the West Midlands Biodiversity Pledge, work hard to manage our many designated Local Wildlife Sites and Special Areas of Conservation, support Local Biodiversity Action Plan species and habitats, try to carefully consider wildlife as part of planning applications and we work with many partners including The Warwickshire Wildlife Trust , the Warwickshire Local Records Centre and Warwickshire County Council  to record, protect and enhance the biodiversity in the Borough.

Last updated Friday, 11th December 2015

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