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George Eliot

The George Eliot Quotation Trail

Walk in the footsteps of a legend and discover more about our region’s best loved author.

To honour the special 200th anniversary in 2019 of George Eliot’s birth, the Borough Council launched an interactive, George Eliot Quotation Trail.

Incorporating a route through Nuneaton town centre and Riversley Park, the trail showcases famous locations the world-renowned author frequented during her early life and puts a fresh perspective on her work.

With 13 inspirational quotes taken from the works of George Eliot displayed on boards, participants can take a stroll through Nuneaton’s historic and architecturally rich town centre and experience locations that George Eliot used within her novels.

Not only can participants enjoy hunting down the quotes, but they can also witness George Eliot’s words come alive with a special interactive feature. When barcodes on the quotation boards are scanned with a smart phone or tablet, the spectator is directed to a YouTube video produced by school children from across the Borough, depicting their interpretation of the quote in modern day terms.

To guide you through the trail there is a specially designed booklet available, which contains a map of the quotation points and gives a historical summary of the principal points of interest associated with George Eliot’s work. Download the booklet below.

Last updated Wednesday, 3rd March 2021

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