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We are really excited about lots of new activities that we have introduced around the Museum. Although we have had to temporarily remove some of our high-touch interactives to keep visitors safe, we still have lots to keep you busy on your visit! View our new Summer Activities here.

  • Look out for new QR codes throughout the Museum’s rooms. These can be scanned on your smart phone and will take you direct to on-line blogs, object films, art jigsaws and more
  • Our Local History Gallery now features a new film about Nuneaton entertainer Larry Grayson. Larry presented TV’s Generation Game between 1978 and 1982. In this gallery, you can also measure yourself against the height of the flood waters that Nuneaton has experienced over the years
  • Help! Some toy bunnies have escaped in the Museum. Can you spot where all the cheeky fur-balls are hiding
  • Museum trails are still available, but please bring your own pencils for now

Last updated Friday, 9th July 2021

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