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Personal independence payments

Do I qualify for payments?

To qualify for the new personal independence payments (PIP) you must have had a disability for three months prior to application and be expected to continue to have that disability for at least nine months after. This qualifying period does not apply to someone with a terminal illness.  

From April 2013 new PIPs will replace DLA.  The new benefit is designed to provide similar help and be easier to understand.  There will be regular reviews to make sure people are assessed on their current needs.

The decision on the award of PIPs will be made by a decision-maker based on input from a health-care professional (doctor, consultant, nurse or any other medically qualified person). The decision maker will decide if an award is to be made, for how long and when a review should be conducted. PIP can be awarded for less than two years and to a maximum for 10 years. The new scheme is being introduced in phases.

Last updated Wednesday, 20th April 2016

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