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Dangerous structures

Report dangerous structures

We provide a 24 hour emergency response service to deal with reported dangerous buildings/structures across Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council and North Warwickshire Borough Council areas:

  • usually as a result of fire, weather, vehicle impacts, and or neglect

We work with owners to make sure the structure is made safe.

  • we do not repair or re-instate our action is limited to reducing risk to people

This sometimes includes taking enforcement or immediate action to remove the danger, depending on the risk.

  • our costs will be recovered from the Building owner

Report a building that is in a dangerous condition

Report a dangerous building or structure

  • Telephone 024 7637 6144, Monday and Friday between 9.00am and 5.00pm
  • Out of hours telephone  024 7638 2153

What is considered to be a dangerous structure?

  • our main concern is public safety. Buildings can and do become dangerous for many reasons. The most usual of these are: neglect combined with age, fire, vehicle impact and badly carried out alterations
  • if we feel that users of a building/structure, or those people that are close to a building/structure, are at risk we can resolve the situation
  • please note that the building/structure must pose a safety risk for us to be able to act
  • buildings/structures that are empty or in an unsightly condition may not be considered such a risk

What happens when a dangerous structure is reported to us?

  • we will visit the site and assess the danger.  We aim to do this within 2 hours of receiving the report
  • if the reported danger, in our professional opinion, is not dangerous, then we will take no further action
  • if minor repairs/maintenance are necessary we may contact the owner to get these carried out
  • if we consider that a danger does exist, but not of an absolutely immediate nature, then we will contact the owners and agree a course of action.  This will set a time by which to make the building or structure safe or to remove the danger.  The situation is monitored until resolved. In some circumstances we may apply to the Magistrates Court for an order requiring the owner to do the work
  • if we find the situation to be so dangerous that matters cannot wait, and the owners cannot do something immediately, we have the powers to make safe or remove the danger, with all reasonable costs recovered from the building owner

Who is responsible for keeping a building/structure safe?

  • The owner(s).  Reasonable costs can be reclaimed from the owner if we have to arrange for work to be undertaken


  • care needs to be exercised if the building is a listed building or in a designated conservation area 
  • buildings/structures that are empty or in an unsightly condition may not be considered such a risk

Last updated Tuesday, 7th August 2018

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