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Apply for building regulations approval

Application types

Submit building regulation application

There are four methods of applying for Building Regulations Approval:

  • Full Plans approval application - technical plans are checked and site work inspected
  • Building Notice application - site work is inspected, domestic projects only

For works commenced without an application having been submitted:

  • Regularisation application - this is a retrospective application

See below for more detailed information on application types

Specific restrictions

The application must be a Full Plans submission where:

  • a new dwelling fronts a public highway
  • building works are within 3 metres of a public sewer (most drains) - contact Severn Trent Water at your earliest opportunity
  • premises are non-domestic, shops, offices, etc.

Approved plans are valid for at least three years, and you should start work before the Approval expires.

For all application types, we will inspect the work on site at various stages.

Full Plans means the submission of fully detailed plans, specifications, calculations and other supporting details.

  • these allow the Building Control Surveyor to check compliance with the building regulations
  • the amount of detail depends on the size and type of building works proposed
  • you should include a location plan showing where the building is relative to neighbouring streets
  • there may be a need for us to consult other parties - Fire Service, Water Authority

Full Plans method of submission is better for anything other than very minor works

  • the plans you provide can be examined and approved in advance 
  • a formal notice of approval or rejection must be issued within five weeks unless applicant agrees to extend this to two calendar months. We typically check submissions within two weeks
  • work can commence when the application is received, inspection fees are payable at this time
  • when works start on site, building control must be notified, this is a legal mandatory requirement
  • a completion certificate will be issued on satisfactory completion of the work - essential if you sell or transfer the property
  • the approved plans may be used for at least three years even if regulations change

Building Notice method is most suitable when small works are to be done and so detailed plans are unnecessary.  As no formal approval is given good liaison between the builder and the building control surveyor is essential to make sure that work is correct.  This method is not allowed for work on designated buildings, non domestic.  Please provide a sketch on the back of the form showing the location and size of the building.

Regularisation is an option which allows owners to obtain building regulation permission retrospectively. Often needed to allow property sales to proceed where works were carried out without consent.

Last updated Friday, 7th September 2018

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