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Pre-application planning advice

Pre-app advice protocol

  • Meetings are not a compulsory element of the pre-application advice service and will only be arranged where agreed by both parties
  • No refund or reduction in the fee will be available should a meeting not take place
  • The attendance of consultees at meetings cannot be guaranteed, however wherever appropriate invitations will be issued
  • Where a meeting is held in the first instance prior to initial written advice, a timescale for the follow up written response will be agreed at the meeting. Wherever possible, the first meeting will be held within the response times noted above. Subsequent meetings will be dependent on the progress being made on the proposals and subject to availability of the Planning Officer dealing with the request for information/ advice and relevant consultees
  • Where significant new information comes to light during the course of a planning application that was not considered at pre-application stage, the Planning Officer will alert the applicant to this and may seek additional information if appropriate
  • Development carried out on site without the benefit of planning permission (where it is required) is at risk of enforcement action and applicants and their representatives should be mindful of this at all times
  • Free and independent professional advice on the planning process, and assistance with planning matters, may be available to you, depending on your circumstances
  • For further information, contact the local branch of Planning Aid

Last updated Wednesday, 15th March 2023

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