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Pre-application planning advice

Benefits of the pre-app service

We encourage and welcome the opportunity to provide advice before an application is made. There are considerable benefits in seeking advice before making an application as it:

  • gives you an opportunity to understand how planning policies will be applied to your development
  • can identify at an early stage where there is a need for specialist/technical input, for example on listed buildings, trees, landscape, noise, transport, contaminated land, ecology, and archaeology
  • will assist you or your agent in preparing proposals for formal submission which, providing you have taken our advice fully into account, is likely to be handled more efficiently
  • may lead to a reduction in time spent by your professional advisors in working up proposals
  • may indicate at an early stage that a proposal is contrary to planning policy and completely unacceptable, saving you the cost of pursuing a formal application
  • can ensure an application is complete and comprehensive and to a satisfactory standard, avoiding rejection at registration stage or early refusal of permission because of inadequate or insufficient information

Last updated Wednesday, 15th March 2023

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