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Listed building consent

A Listed Building is a building or structure which is considered to be of 'special architectural or historic interest'. English Heritage are responsible for Listing Buildings, although anyone can nominate a building.  More information on how to propose a building and what listing means can be found on the Historic England website.

You will need to obtain Listed Building consent if you wish to demolish a listed building or alter it in any way which will affect its historic fabric or character.  The object of this tight control is to ensure that the character of the historic building is not damaged, however, it is not intended to prevent reasonable alterations provided these are in keeping with the building.  Undertaking works which require consent without it is a criminal offence.

If you wish to make changes to any Listed Building you should check first what restrictions may be in place, therefore, it is a good idea to discuss your intentions with an officer at an early stage.

Further information on Listed Buildings and details about how to apply for consent is available on the Planning Portal website.

Last updated Wednesday, 13th January 2016

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