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Do I need planning approval

Permitted development rights

If you live in a house, you can make certain types of minor changes to your home without having to apply for planning permission.  These are called permitted development rights.  However, other works and alterations may require planning permission.

  • Note that irrespective of whether planning permission is required, approval under Building Regulations may be required, as they are two separate matters

Use the interactive tool on the national Planning Portal website.  Further details of the most common projects undertaken by householders and when planning permission is needed.

Sometimes these permitted development rights are taken away, or adapted slightly, for example if your house is in a conservation area, or is a listed building.  These rights are sometimes also removed because of reasons of safety and to protect the amenities of the area.

No permitted development rights

Flats, maisonettes, caravans, and mobile homes have no permitted development rights.

Glossary of planning terms

The Planning Portal have prepared a planning glossary of terms to make things easier for those who are more unfamiliar with planning.

Last updated Monday, 10th July 2023

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