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Rent a room scheme

Resident landlords and lodgers

The lodger of a resident landlord occupies a room on what is called an excluded licence. This applies where landlords share essential facilities with their lodger, such as a bathroom and/or kitchen.

This form of licence ensures that the landlord’s security and wellbeing in their own home is considered before that of their lodger. No one entering the landlord’s home can claim protection from eviction. Importantly, it means that a lodger can be asked to leave by giving reasonable notice and without having to obtain a court order.

When giving notice, remember that it may take a while for your lodger to be able to find alternative accommodation so give them as much time as possible. It is advisable to give notice in writing.

In extreme circumstances you are entitled to change your locks and place the lodger’s belongings outside the property.

If you are considering having more than two lodgers, other legislation may be applicable so contact the Private Sector Housing Team by emailing or by calling 02476 376406 for further information.

Last updated Tuesday, 31st July 2018

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