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Housing solutions

Housing solutions advice

The Housing Solutions team are able to give information and advice on a wide range of housing issues including your legal rights.

The team have a variety of initiatives to try and assist you, these will be discussed with you during their investigation. 

Housing Solutions advice is available at the following times at the Town Hall, Coton Road, Nuneaton, CV11 5AA;

  • Monday to Friday from 9.00am until 5.00pm or by calling 024 7637 6406.

If your situation is an emergency and you are faced with homelessness we will try and ensure that a Housing Solutions Officer is available for you during office hours.

You may find it helpful to come in and see a Housing Solutions Officer if you:

  • are living in privately rented accommodation and your landlord is asking you to leave
  • are living with family or friends and they have asked you to leave
  • have become, or think that you are likely to become homeless
  • are experiencing domestic abuse
  • are having difficulties paying your rent or mortgage
  • would like information on accessing privately rented accommodation

When you come and see a Housing Solutions Officer it would be useful if you could bring all relevant documentation with you, such as:

  • court papers
  • tenancy agreement
  • proof of identity for each member of the household
  • proof of pregnancy
  • proof of income

The Housing Solutions Officer will explore your housing options including:

  • negotiating with landlord/parents/friends
  • information on NBBC Homes in order to apply for social housing
  • how to apply for shared ownership schemes
  • private renting properties via the Bond Assistance Scheme
  • supported housing schemes

The Housing Solutions Officer may also refer you to other specialist housing providers in the area.

We also have a tenancy ready guide, whether it is your first home or whether you are just moving to another home.

The step into your tenancy information will help guide you through setting up your bills and planning your budget so that you can be as ready as possible to move in, enjoy your home and not worry about getting into arrears or debt with your bills.

To get the most out of the guide, it is best to work through it, step-by-step online, as it has interactive links that will take you to all of the websites you will need to set up your bills and to find out more information. There is also an accompanying to do checklist that you can fill in, to help keep you on track.

Last updated Thursday, 1st June 2023

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