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Caravan and mobile home licensing

Caravan site licensing

The Caravan Sites and Control of Development Act 1960 (CSCDA 1960) requires private owners to obtain a licence from the Council to operate a permanent residential caravan site. For the purposes of the act a mobile home also comes within the definition of a caravan, and no site licence can be issued unless the site has planning permission.

Apply for, change or transfer a caravan or camping site licence

The licencing of sites within this area is carried out by the Private Sector Housing team.  In issuing a licence the Council can attach conditions relating to the amenity of the site and the health and safety of residents.

Exemption from licensing are available for certain reasons such as:

  • Caravan used for short periods
  • Sites run by recognised caravan organisations
  • Caravans occupied by agriculture or forestry workers, or travelling showmen

View our register of licensed caravan sites.

We partner with North Warwickshire Borough Council to deliver a joint Private Sector Housing Service and undertake the service on their behalf.


Last updated Thursday, 12th November 2020

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