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Accreditation scheme

Accreditation scheme application forms and standards

Accreditation is a set of standards (or codes) relating to the management or physical condition of privately rented accommodation. Landlords who join the scheme and abide by the standards are accredited.  Accreditation schemes are voluntary.  There is no compulsion for landlords to join, but there may be many advantages, and a market advantage when advertising your property.

Aims of the scheme

The aims of the scheme are to encourage, acknowledge and promote good standards of privately rented accommodation and to assist landlords and tenants to undertake their responsibilities to each other.

The scheme applies to the private rented sector only, and not to local authority owned or housing association properties where other service level agreements apply.

It is a requirement of the scheme that the condition of properties, the level of basic amenities and management practices, are fair and reasonable, and not liable to be prejudicial to the health, safety and welfare of tenants or the community.

Landlords in the scheme must ensure that in addition to complying with the requirements of the scheme, they also comply with their legal obligations in respect of the health, safety and welfare rights of their tenants.

Advantages for landlords

  • a local authority housing solutions team who can help landlords with advice and information
  • specialist advice on housing standards from the private sector housing team
  • an improved relationship with the council via the landlord forum
  • opportunity, via the landlord forum, to discuss or raise issues with the council affecting the private rented sector and to receive training on relevant topics
  • advice of how to tackle anti-social behaviour  
  • quarterly newsletter with topical information and advice for landlords
  • advice concerning potential funding available through the Council
  • provision of a landlord guide and relevant literature
  • 15% discount on houses in multiple occupation (HMO) re-licensing
  • free home fire safety checks
  • landlords can display the accreditation logo in their property and on correspondence as a hallmark to indicate good practice
  • future incentives will be developed through the council and the landlord forum such as potential discounts on insurance, contractors and building supplies, which will be subject to availability and change
  • potential discount on joining the National Landlords Association via the Regional Representative
  • potential offers through the Energy Savings Trust

Advantage for tenants

  • better information on properties available to let
  • easier to identify good quality accommodation
  • assurance that an agreed code of management standards are in place and will be followed
  • safety and security measures incorporated as part of the accredited standard
  • improved energy measures to the property

Accredited landlords

On receipt of an application for accredited landlord status, the council will undertake a checking procedure to be satisfied, as far as is reasonably practicable, that the landlord is responsible, competent and suitable to be a member of the scheme.

Following successful checking, and satisfactory outcomes to property condition and management compliance checks by the council, owners will be awarded the status of an accredited landlord.

Last updated Friday, 22nd February 2019

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