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Council garages

The agreement

When taking up a tenancy for a Council garage an agreement is made between the tenant and the Council.

The tenant agrees to:

  • pay the inclusive weekly rent when due
  • use the garage only for a vehicle for which the tenant is responsible
  • keep the interior of the garage clean, and to be responsible for repairing broken door locks and lost keys
  • not carry on any business from, store commercial goods, petroleum, combustible or explosive products in, or make any structural alterations to the garage
  • not assign, underlet, or part with possession of the garage
  • allow the Council's duty authorised officers, agents or employees to enter and inspect the garage during reasonable hours upon due notice being given

The council agrees to:

  • keep the garage in good repair and condition subject to conditions of tenancy

It is mutually agreed that:

  • the tenancy may be terminated by either the Council or the tenant giving at least one week's notice expiring at 12.00 noon on a Monday

Last updated Monday, 1st July 2019

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