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Housing rent arrears

What will happen if you don't pay your rent?

Stage 1

Missed rent payments/paying less than you should; We will contact you. If you do not pay your arrears or they increase, we will contact you again

Stage 2

If these remain unpaid, you will receive notice informing you we intend to take you to court; a Notice of Seeking Possession or a Notice of Possession Proceedings

Stage 3

At any time between four weeks and one year after sending a Notice of Seeking Possession or a Notice of Possession Proceedings, we can submit the matter to the courts

Stage 4

Application to the courts.  Usually you can stay in your home, if you pay off arrears at an appropriate rate.  You will also be liable for all court costs

Stage 5

If you do not keep to the Court Order arrangements, we will apply for a warrant to evict you.  This is a last resort

Stage 6

The enforcement officer will call to evict you.  If you are evicted, you are likely to be deemed intentionally homeless.  This means that you may not be re-housed by us and are likely to have difficulty finding somewhere else to live

Last updated Tuesday, 5th January 2016

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