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Tenancy Services team

Find your Tenancy Services Officer

The Tenancy Services team manage all matters relating to our tenants and their tenancies, our properties and issues arising on housing land, as part of the Housing Revenue Account (HRA).

There are specialist Officers within the Tenancy Services team who can help you with various matters relating to tenancies - Tenancy Management Officers; and anti-social behaviour - Anti-Social Behaviour Officers.

Some of the services our Tenancy Management Officers provide are:

  • Carrying out viewings and sign ups for our properties
  • Resident and community engagement
  • Processing tenancy change requests
  • Estate management
  • Supporting compliance with our tenancy agreement

Some of the services our Anti-Social Behaviour Officers provide are:

  • Investigation of complaints into anti-social behaviour in line with legislation, Council policies and procedures
  • Addressing anti-social behaviour concerns within the community
  • Enforcing the tenancy agreement where breaches are evidenced
  • Taking enforcement and legal action, where appropriate

The Tenancy Services team also has a Tenancy Support Officer to whom Officers may refer our tenants too and who is able to help you understand your tenancy agreement and help you to manage your tenancy effectively, or refer you for further support should this be required. 

Find out who your Tenancy Services Officer is for your area and who your local Councillor is. 

You can contact the Tenancy Services team by:

Telephone: 024 7637 6406



Last updated Wednesday, 11th May 2022

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