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Your tenancy

Ending your tenancy

To end your tenancy with the council, you will need to:

  • Give us at least four weeks notice in writing
  • If you have a joint tenancy, then either of you may end the tenancy by giving notice
  • You will still be charged four weeks rent if you hand your keys in without giving notice
  • You must return all keys, including any communal door entry/fobs as well as garage keys at the end of your tenancy
  • You must remove all of your furniture, personal possessions and any rubbish
  • The property must be left in a good lettable state
  • We may charge you if we have to remove any possessions or rubbish, along with any costs for any damage to the property (fair wear and tear excepted)
  • Please fill in as much information as possible on the termination form this will include a forwarding address for you as well as the name of your gas, electricity and telephone supplier
  • If you rent a garage, you must also remember to terminate your garage account when you give us notice

Before you hand in your keys, please remember to:

  • Have your gas/electric meters read
  • Notify all concerned of your new address
  • Turn off your central heating
  • Turn off your gas/electric at the mains
  • Turn off your water at the stopcock

Last updated Monday, 21st November 2016

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