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Introductory tenancies

What is an introductory tenancy?

Most council tenancies are secure tenancies which are provided with a range of legal rights relating to security of tenure throughout the whole of the tenancy.

  • introductory tenancy will last for the first 12 months (the trial period)

If the tenant does not breach any of the conditions of tenancy, then the tenancy will automatically become secure on the anniversary of the date the tenancy started.  The tenant will then have all the rights and responsibilities of a secure tenant. Introductory tenants have fewer rights than secure tenants and can be evicted more easily.

It can feel a little bit scary moving into a new home, whether it is your first home or whether you are just moving to another home.

The step into your tenancy information will help guide you through setting up your bills and planning your budget so that you can be as ready as possible to move in, enjoy your home and not worry about getting into arrears or debt with your bills.

There is also an accompanying to do checklist that you can fill in, to help keep you on track.

Last updated Wednesday, 7th September 2022

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