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Council house modernisation

Door entry systems

Main entrance doors to many of the council's flats are accessed by a fob system.  When the fob (a small plastic pre-programmed key) is held up to the reader at the side of the door it will allow the door to open.

Who can have a fob?

  • Two or three fobs are supplied to leaseholders and new tenants at the start of their tenancy
  • If you lose your fobs there is a charge of £15.00 for a new one

Procedure for getting a replacement or new fob

  • You will need to make your payment either by cheque, postal order or cash at either the Town Hall or the Area Office in Bedworth where they will issue you with a receipt for a new fob
  • A housing officer will then arrange to programme a new fob for you.  It may not be possible to do this straight away so you may need to come back later to collect it
  • You will be asked to provide proof of identity and your receipt or invoice as proof of payment before a new or replacement fob is issued
  • When a new fob is programmed, the old fob will be deleted from the system and will no longer operate the door system

What if my fob is broken?

We will replace it at no charge, as long as damage has arisen through fair wear and tear, and the broken fob is returned to the us.  If it is found that the fob has been misused, i.e. thrown out of windows, chewed by a pet, melted or washed etc., there will be a charge for its replacement.  We will only replace your fob at no charge if the broken fob is returned to us.

Visitor access

Visitor's may gain access by pressing the button for the flat number they wish to visit, this will ring the flat's intercom phone.

Last updated Tuesday, 5th January 2016

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