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Local letting plan - extra care housing

This plan has been put together by Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council, in consultation with Warwickshire County Council and Housing 21 to confirm the qualification criteria, and process for the allocation of Extra Care Housing units in the Borough.

Principles of the Local Lettings Plan

The purpose of this plan is to confirm the process for the allocation of a unique type of housing facility: Extra Care Housing, which requires a different set of criteria to that included in the Council’s Allocation Policy 2013. Applicants will not be able to use the Council’s Choice Based Lettings System to secure this specialised accommodation, and instead will follow a different process as detailed below to express their interest in ‘Extra Care’ units.

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Warwickshire County Council’s (WCC) vision for Extra Care Housing (ECH) is to provide safe, secure, well designed and attractive self-contained accommodation for older people aged 55+ who require varying levels of care and support designed to enable them to live independently in a home environment.

The overall objective in developing ECH in Warwickshire is to modernise housing with care and support services by offering people a very real alternative to traditional residential care homes as well as responding to demographic changes, like an ageing population and growing rise in dementia. There are already ECH schemes in other districts and boroughs in the County and the first of its kind to be developed in Nuneaton and Bedworth has started on site in Bedworth.

Eligibility criteria

A Local Letting Plan is required because ECH accommodation is dependant on an assessment by WCC’s Adult Social Care team, and also due to the fact that the units are all 2 bedrooms, and our NBBC Allocation Policy would not permit singles or couples to express an interest on 2 bedrooms. Clearly we need to enable single older people aged 55+ and couples aged 55+ to be able to access this unique housing facility.

Applicants for this facility will need to:

  • be aged 55 or over
  • have a housing- related support and/or social care need
  • have a local connection to Bedworth and Nuneaton area.

The application process will involve the completion of a simple pro-forma, rather than the on-line Homehunt application. This can be made available either via on-line, via e-mail or a paper copy can be posted out. Once received, assessments will be made which will include WCC Social Care team to establish that a Care/Support need is required, and in addition confirmation of local connection to the Borough. Age and ‘housing need’ will be confirmed in conjunction with the NBBC Choice Based Lettings team and Housing 21. A panel including all three organisations will allocate units, based on ‘need’ and according to availability of units.

Initially there will be 85 units to allocate and thereafter, as and when vacancies arise, this same process will continue.

Equality and fairness

This Local Letting Plan has no adverse implications for the Council’s Policy on Equality and Diversity.


It is intended that NBBC - Housing Options Manager will be part of the allocation panel that will administer and monitor the appropriate allocation of Extra Care Housing accommodation in the Borough. This will ensure close scrutiny of the initial and on-going allocation of Extra Care Housing units in accordance with the Council’s nomination agreement through the Planning Permission and S.106 requirements for the development of schemes.

Last updated Friday, 7th May 2021

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