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Environmental enforcement

Fines, challenges and investigations

We have partnered with environmental enforcement company District Enforcement, to supply patrolling, enforcement and investigation services within Nuneaton and Bedworth for environmental crime.

Paying a fixed penalty notice

You’ll get a fixed penalty notice which will say which offence you’ve committed and the amount of the penalty you may be liable for.

Challenging the fixed penalty notice

If you do not agree that you committed the offence listed on the notice, you might be able to challenge the fixed penalty notice.

If you have any questions contact District Enforcement:


Environmental enforcement officers patrol the Borough daily to cut down on environmental crime and increase environmental awareness. Anyone caught littering will be issued a £100 fixed penalty notice charge on the spot. Failure to pay the fixed penalty notice charge will mean the case is transferred to a court prosecution process.

Environmental crime has a negative impact on the street scene and costs tax payers and the Council thousands of pounds each year.

Last updated Tuesday, 15th February 2022

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