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Potentially harmful waste

Report dead animals on public land

Report a dead animal

When reporting a dead animal you can help us by giving us as much information as possible including:

  • location of the dead animal including local landmarks
  • type of animal
  • description of the animal

We will respond quickly to requests for the removal of dead animals found on the highway or any public open land. This is a free service.

Collected animals

  • Dead animals on highways, roads and parks found within the borough are retrieved by our Rapid Response team and sent for cremation
  • Any dead animal collected by the Council is scanned for an identification chip and the owner advised wherever possible
  • Records of lost pets are kept and checked against those found and every effort is made to inform owners
  • We are unable to return any dead animals to owners as they are sent for cremation immediately

Where we collect dead animals from

  • we can only remove dead animals from public land (i.e. roads, verges and footpaths)
  • removals will not be made from private property/residents homes

Do not put dead animals in to your household waste bin. If you have a pet that has died, contact your veterinary surgery for advice.

Last updated Thursday, 1st March 2018

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