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Litter clearance

  • litter can be classed as anything from an apple core to a cigarette butt, and everything in between
  • the council’s litter picking teams, as well as street sweepers are out and about daily clearing litter from pathways
  • the litter picking teams will leave bagged rubbish at the kerbside to be picked up in a vehicle on their rounds
  • litter clearance in the borough costs the council thousands of pounds each year
Report significant cases of littering to our customer services team on 024 7637 6376.

How can you help?

  • do not drop litter on the street
  • ensure that wheelie bins are not overfilled
  • teach young people in the family to dispose of litter responsibly
  • clear up after your dog
  • do not dispose of sharp objects or needles in the bins
  • do not dispose of household rubbish in litter bins
  • report litter to us
  • report full, overflowing, damaged or defaced litter bins
  • organise a community litter pick

Litter bins

Report a damaged or overflowing litter bin

  • we provide litter bins on roads and in the town centres in the borough
  • recycling litter bins are currently provided within town centres only, due to collection difficulties
  • if a litter bin cannot be found, waste should be taken home and disposed of
  • request a litter bin

Last updated Thursday, 3rd February 2022

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