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Washable nappies

Why choose washable nappies?

  • You can save money
  • Cotton nappies are kind to your baby’s skin
  • They greatly reduce the amount of rubbish thrown away and incinerated;
  • Ultimately benefitting the environment

Free nappy trial

County Council are offering residents a free trial of cotton nappies.

Cotton on... to real cotton nappies

On behalf of the Warwickshire Waste Partnership, County Council are running the real nappy campaign to promote and encourage parents to use cotton nappies, whilst providing on-going help and support. Visit to find out everything you can about the campaign.

  • The aim is to reduce the amount of nappy waste in the household waste stream
  • In 2013/2014, 8% of household waste was made up of nappies; this costs the tax payer to dispose of at incineration and has a negative impact on the environment
  • Washable nappies offer parents a real alternative to disposable nappies that will greatly reduce the amount of waste a household will throw away
  • It also means that nappies won’t be in your bin for up to two weeks

Last updated Friday, 6th May 2016

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