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Assisted bin collection

Request an assisted bin collection

If none of the people in a household are able to move the bins to the collection point (due to poor health, mobility issues or disability), it is possible to apply for an assisted collection.

Each request for an assisted collection will be assessed individually, and we may need to visit you to confirm your application and identify an agreed place where the bins will be for their collection and return.

Request an assisted bin collection (pullout)

How it works

  • the waste management team will visit you to evaluate your requirements
  • you will need to ensure our crews can gain access to your bin by unlocking any gates prior to collection - 7:00am
  • the collection crew will pull out bins to be emptied and return them afterwards
  • incorrectly presented bins will not be collected, for example, wrong items are found within the recycling bin
  • You can exchange your large bin for a smaller bin


  • nobody living in the property is physically able to present or retrieve the bin due to age or infirmity
  • assisted collections can be organised on a temporary basis due to ill health

Last updated Monday, 3rd April 2023

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