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Additional and replacement bins

Request an additional or replacement bin

  • Use the online forms to report or and request lost, stolen or damaged bins
  • If you would like to exchange your wheelie bin for a smaller bin, use the online forms
  • You cannot exchange a green bin for a smaller bin

Black bin (non-recyclable household waste)

Request an extra or replacement black bin

Additional black bins are not available to purchase and may be provided free of charge if:

  • there are six or more residents in your household
  • a resident in the household has medical reasons which cause you to generate more than one wheeled bin load a fortnight

Green bin (garden and food waste)

Request a replacement green bin

Brown lid bins and inserts (recyclables)

Request an extra or replacement brown lid bin or insert

Additional/replacement brown lid bins and inserts are provided free of charge.  A recycling bin will be provided if:

  • your recycling bin has not recently been rejected for collection

Communal bins (flats and sheltered accommodation)

Request an additional communal bin

  • Bins provided to communal areas are calculated based on the number of residents and space available
  • The correct use of bins is essential to avoid overflowing i.e. correct recycling, no bulky items
  • Additional bins will not be provided unless it is found that enough capacity has not been provided per residential property

Last updated Wednesday, 1st September 2021

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