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Green bin - garden and food waste

Additional green bin charges

If you have more than one green bin, you will be required to pay an annual collection fee of £40 for each additional green bin.

Each additional green lid bin will cost £40 each per year, which includes 25 collections per bin, one collection every two weeks, except the two weeks around Christmas and New Year.  View green lid bin terms and conditions.

There are no collection costs for the first green bin.

For example, if you have:

  • one green bin, you will not be required to pay an annual collection fee
  • two green bins, you will pay £40 per year annually
  • three green bins, you will pay £80 per year annually

There are no concessions for this service, including charities and customers receiving benefits

I don't want to pay, what now?

You can either keep your additional unpaid green bin at home or contact us to collect it.  If you present more than one green bin for collection, only one bin will be emptied.

If you still require additional capacity, consider composting or taking your additional green waste to Judkins.

Use of additional green bin

You should use your additional green bin for garden waste. You should use your first free green bin for both food and garden waste.

You can share an additional bin with a neighbour

This is a mutual agreement: one of you must order and pay for the bin. The person who orders and pays for the bin must report a missed collection. We cannot become involved in disputes between neighbours over a shared bin.

You can order a bin for someone else

When you are ordering please specify the address where the green bin is located. All correspondence will be sent to the address from where the green bin collection will be made.

When we collect green waste

We collect the green bins all year round, except for two weeks to allow for crew training. There may be exceptional circumstances where we are unable to collect your bin, e.g. due to bad weather.

Your garden waste must fit in your bin

Your green lid must be firmly closed for collection to take place. Extra bags of garden waste cannot be taken because it is unsafe for the crew to stand at the back of the vehicle to empty out bags. Consider purchasing an additional bin if you regularly have additional waste. You can also take your garden waste to Judkins

Damaged bins

We will replace the bin free of charge due to wear and tear or if we damage the bin.

Moving home

If you are moving home within the borough of Nuneaton and Bedworth and wish to continue with your additional garden waste bin, you will need to take your green bin with you when you move. You will also need to contact customer services to request a change of address label for the service.

No longer need your additional green lid bin

You can arrange to have your bin collected. There are no refunds after a yearly payment has been made.

Assisted bin collection

If you are on the assisted bin collection list, this will still apply to the additional green bin service.

Any additional bin fee paid is for collection and the bin remains the property of the Council.

Last updated Friday, 24th August 2018

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