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Bin collection day changes

FAQs - new bin collection day

When will the new bin collection service start?

The new bin collection will start on Monday, 25 September 2023.

Check if your bin day is changing

Where can I download my new bin collection calendar?

Use the above button to check your bin day and download your calendar.

Will all bin collection days change?

No, your bin collection day will or will not change depending on your location and other household bin collection requirements for that particular day.

Will my bin be collected at a different time of the day?

Yes, it is likely that whether your bin collection day is changing or not, your bin will be collected at a different time of the day than that which you are used to.

  • Ensure your bin is presented by 7:00am on collection day
  • If you receive the assisted collection service, ensure access is available on your new collection day

Why are some bin collection days changing?

As the borough grows, it is important that our bin collection routes remain as efficient as possible.

By making changes to approximately 40% of the borough’s household bin collection days, we have ensured that fuel and resources will be used in the best possible way and that the numbers of houses we collect from each day are balanced across the two-week schedule.

Will I receive notification of changes?

You will receive a postcard from early September advising you of any changes to your bin collection day.

  • Everyone will receive a postcard whether their collection day is changing or not

Further help or advice

If you need help, or unable to find your street or calendar, contact

Last updated Monday, 25th September 2023

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