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June 2021

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  • Virtual Balloon Race

    • 1st May 2021
    • Location: Nuneaton
    • Cost: £3 per balloon

    Friends of Whitestone and Friends of Chetwynd virtual balloon race!

    Virtual Balloon Race

    Virtual Balloon Race

    The race departs THIS Saturday! All I'm asking is if everyone could join in and buy just 1 balloon per family, it would really help us to reach our target.

    Why not have a competition between your family? All have a race within a race!

    So how do you all join in....well you visit the link below and you purchase as many virtual balloons as you want, the balloons are all then virtually released on 1st May from St Petersburg at 12pm!

    Your balloon will then travel based on real weather data. You get to customise your balloon, pick the latex thickness, the helium that goes in, the shape and colour!

    There are so many prizes up for grab!

    • 1st prize for the overall race is £500
    • 2nd prize an iPad
    • 3rd prize is 10 x £10 book tokens.

    On top of those prizes we also have a number of school prizes to give away!!

    It's going to be so much fun, so what are you waiting for. Visit our special link below and purchase your balloons today!