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Drain and sewer problems

Drains - householder responsibility

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A drain is a pipe that carries waste water (foul or surface water) from just one property.  This drain is the sole responsibility of the owner(s) of that property for its full length up to the point where the pipe either connects to another pipe from another property or another pipe connects to it.  At this point the drain becomes a sewer.

Public sewer

Public sewers in Nuneaton and Bedworth are the responsibility of Severn Trent.  These pipes have been adopted by Severn Trent since they were laid or they are pipes which connect two or more properties to the public drainage system.  Most public sewers run below the roadway, not below people's gardens.  If you are unsure where you connect to a public sewer then Severn Trent have records of the public sewers in the area

Severn Trent
Telephone 0800 783 4444

Private sewers

A private sewer is a pipe which is taking water from more than one property, but which is not a public sewer.  It is the joint responsibility of each of those properties that drain into it.  This responsibility continues up to the point where the private sewer joins a public sewer.  This means that often, residents are responsibility for the repair and maintenance of drainage pipes that are beneath land owned by somebody else, such as a neighbour.

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