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Council tenants have a responsibility for ensuring rent is paid on a weekly basis and on time. Failure to pay when due, may put the tenancy at risk.  The council is not unsympathetic to financial problems and has policies in place, to help tenants who are experiencing financial difficulties.

The Council has an Arrears Policy and you should be aware that it is the policy of the council to deal swiftly with rent arrears to take firm action against non-payers in line with our recovery procedures.

In carrying out this policy, we will endeavour to be sensitive to individual's circumstances and offer advice on welfare benefit entitlement and money management wherever possible. 

We’re here to help 

We realise during difficult times its hard to keep on top of all the things you have to pay for. But it’s important to remember that your rent is the first thing you should pay for, or you could lose your tenancy. Our Financial Inclusion Team at the Council are dedicated officers here to help you when you need it.  

The Team understand that looking after the needs of children is essential and items such as food gas/electric/water is a necessity but they can support you to get you back on track with your finances and help you stay on top of all the bills you have to pay.  They work closely with support agencies such as Citizens Advice Bureau, Bromford Housing Floating Support, Chapter One, Doorway to name but a few. 

Our Team are skilled in offering practical help in managing your money effectively and stop your finances spiralling out of control. 

As a Council Tenant you will already have a Financial Inclusion Officer assigned to you with a direct point of contact and to find out who yours is just contact the Council on 024 7637 6376 or view the contact list.

You can call their duty line on 024 7637 6323 between 9.00am - 5.00pm and speak to the Officer on duty that day. You can discuss rent arrears, garage arrears, former tenant arrears,  make payments and agreements to clear your rent arrears, and also make a payment using your debit card.  Ways to pay your rent.

You can also visit them at: 

Nuneaton Town Hall, Monday to Friday between 9am – 1pm
Bedworth Area Office, Tuesday and Wednesday 9am – 5pm

A 'drop in' service is available or you can make an appointment to see them, whichever is convenient for you.  

Don't leave it too late, if you need any assistance, they are here to help you.

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Housing - Financial Inclusion Team

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